Hakan Lidbo / Call For Islam


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01_Call For Islam

02_Half Man Half Lobster


Hakan Lidbo / Call For Islam

Musick to play in the club - musick0013

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Stockholm im Arsch - Swedish weeks at Shitkatapult

In early 2007 Shitkatapult presents a great community and nation from the north, well educated, less depressed, more functional!
the blue and yellow feeling of SWEDEN, known for Ikea, Volvo, porn and Hakan Lidbo, arrived in Shitkatapult´s Berlin office in form of several cdrs with the smoothest rock 'n' techno, soft pop and hard ambient. We threw away the soft pop cds straight away but the classic touch electronica/techno we just have to forward to YOU.
Hakan opens the swedish episode at shitkatapult and gives a preview on his album with this 12". Stay tuned for more!

As a label you think Hakan Lidbo is a terrible guy: you can not print his discographie on less than 4 pages, you can not hide your own mistakes behind bad artists production delays (everything is just finished, ready, perfect), you do not know how to promote his 74835th release and you do not know why you always do it again: releasing another Hakan record... until you listen to it again. Perfect disco Techno without false romance, straight from the bottom to the top.
"Call for Islam" opens this 3 track 12" without excuse. Arabic-ish distorted vocal lines, dark disco bass lines, highly bitcrushed minimal melody, 4 to the floor beat ... and then the wonderful hi hat starts. chickchickchickchick. Hakan Lidbo knows the club situation very well - and echoes the vocals, doubles the bass, old schools the breaks, offs the beats - and packpackpackpack. chickchickchickchick. iikiikiik... etc. A multikulti dark techno track without the nerving Berlin Kreuzberg extras - no false communication - but straight feelings: give me more of that islam thing, Hakan.
Second track and best title "Half man half lobster" explains a bit of the mystery libido touch of mr Lidbo - The lobster dances from side to side, even more disco than techno - Hakan does not have to decide between animal or human, tiger or lobster, spider or net? An old school sawtooth line clears the set.
Final track "Speedway" is good old school musick with a forbidden master gate snare by the swedish chief, grandsignore and father and mother in law.
Deep purple stroboscop light shit, heroin iran, swinger club kreuzberg, and more synths with xtc from istanbul... 4 to the floor and more!

Listen and you'll like it!

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