Phon.o / Slow As Fog


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01_Leaving Khidi

02_Snapchat Soliloquy

03_I Am Tired So How Are You

Phon.o / Slow As Fog

Random Noize Musick - RNM001

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On his EP "Slow As Fog" PHON. O starts the new year with a powerful deceleration. In the process, he stratifies and condenses numerous melodic-noisy levels into a dark, foggy cosmos through which heavy industrial beats push themselves. Rarely has slowness been so energetic and epic at the same time.
Slow As Fog starts with the 10-minute ambient to stratospheric layers of a Leaving Khidi whose dreamlike and cloudy spleen is brought back to earth by creeping and martial post-industrial beats, before giving way to the foggy trial and error of Snapchat Soliloquy, the summit of this EP with its sweet confrontation between distant pounding and text. Finally I Am Tired So How Are You and its evanescent drones with the false cosmic choral tunes confirm a rather exciting cinematographic evolution for the German, far from the DJ sets. To follow closely!

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