Moderat / Eating Hooks (live)


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01_Eating Hooks (live)

Moderat / Eating Hooks (live)

Monkeytown / 50Weapons - Monkey067

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The live version of "Eating Hooks" could not afford to be anything less than historic - and it does not disappoint. Amid the ebullient cheers and fervent metronomic applause of their fans, Moderat perform a nigh-pitch-perfect rendition of the studio version, only to then twice feint the outro into a second and third climax of buzzing, jubilant melodic techno with auspicious Danish inflections and interpolations of the remix by frequent collaborator Siriusmo. The roars of an elated crowd often punch through the nonetheless crystal clear live mix.

This momentous occurrence has been immortalized in 10" wax, with the flipside adorned with bespoke etchings by Siriusmo.

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