Das Bierbeben / Schwarze Spinne E.P.


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01_No Pasaran!

02_Die schwarze Spinne

03_Im Käfig

04_Zündet an was brennen kann

Das Bierbeben / Schwarze Spinne E.P.

Shitkatapult - Strike0158

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Clear Vinyl in a printed clear sleeve with printed inner sleeve. Only a handful of copies left.


"The wall is high, the ditch is deep..."

Just at the right moment, Bierbeben is finally back. But no! We're supposed to say "Das Bierbeben".

Of course. But we have really been living for a long time in a world abandoned by predicates. It is a world of opinions, mostly of the sort that can be bought like (day-old) bread. The world hasn't even noticed. And fighting against this bread are guilds that feel betrayed by seared dough. Such heavy thoughts on a day (like any other) when we actually close ourselves off inside and eat the shit anyway!!! On days like this, the Hamburg/Berlin-based act Das Bierbeben launches another new single - no, an EP, with the title:

‘Schwarze Spinne'.  Back to the old roots, strong, clear, and good. And very, very new.

The artists apparently (in the name of the people) only caved in after much begging and pleading from the Berlin-based (back then) trend label Shitkatapult. It's not true. There is only one reason for this music: and that is us. That's how it is. After three albums and a triple sabbatical, Das Bierbeben is back with four tracks: shaped by truth, chiseled from insight, demanded by sense, and right on the mark. But not this punk.

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