Cummi Flu / Gulabigang


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Cummi Flu / Gulabigang

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Cummi Flu is the latest persona of ever morphing, multi-media illusionist Oliver Doerell. Originating from Brussels, the analogue-electronic pioneer has been the driving force behind earlier incarnations Dictaphone and SWOD, as well as embodying the Odd Orchestra of Raz Ohara. Well-versed in downbeat electronics, Cummi Flu sees Doerell explore his acid-laced visions of psychedelic forms and frequencies.

The first recordings present a collection of sound collage cut-ups based on home-made instruments with self-tuned rubber bands and bass kalimba at its beating heart.

The resulting tracks are an exploration into otherworldly rhythms with the rise and fall of a swollen tide. Comparisons to other muscians are as difficult as they are defunct. The track, Gulabi Gang, samples field recorded sounds played at switching speeds, while an imaginary army of opiated tribesmen bang and chime the driving beat. Maria has a similar sound but a more lucid structure, which will have fans of down-beat, nodding from start to finish.

Cummi Flu produces a hard to place sound, which challenges the listener, while at the same time preying on ancient feelings of estrangement, sanctuary and self-exploration. The debut EP with exclusive artwork by Fehmi Baumbach is available on Polychrome Sounds and is limited to 500 copies.

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