Gladbeck City Bombing / Deutsch mich nicht voll


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06_Ich glaub an Dich



Gladbeck City Bombing / Deutsch mich nicht voll

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The Hamburg based electronic-queer-punk-performance group GLADBECK CITY BOMBING releases their first official long-playing record after 10 years of bandhistory on the label LATENZ. The 12" called DEUTSCH MICH NICHT VOLL is a best-of-album, that features topical tracks as well as songs, that were written in the very early times of Gladbeck. The release-date November 9th is consciously chosen as a link to the album-title and in consideration of the fact, that this is round here a date with a quite dark and bloody at least double-edged history. Björn Gailus and Ulli Bomans (also known as Schieres and as Marco Haas' counterpart at Shrubbn!!) act out their fondness for dirty sawtooth-waves combined with catchy synth-pop-hooklines and vocals. Their famous, explicit liveshows are completed by the three "Gladbeck-City-Bonbons", the performers of the band, that interpret each song with a unique theatrical piece, sometimes reaching into grotesque, bewitched spheres and sometimes directly coming up with queer-pornographical contents. The current album is a culmination of every single aspect, GLADBECK CITY BOMBING is standing for and it's definitely a sequence of hits!

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