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Ruby My Dear / Form

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Breakcore for the human ear and mind: Ruby My Dear takes his complex and energetic breaks to a new level with his second album. More organic, more flowing, this new full-length doesn't focus on one "Form" but shifts with elegance from hard to beautiful, from exhilarating to seducing. Enriched by a very lush sound and an impressive recording quality, it is the confirmation that Ruby My Dear is one of the top producers of the genre.
A lot has happened to Julien Chastagnol (Ruby My Dear) in the year and a half separating his "Remains Of Shapes To Come" début from its sequel: the jump to physical releases, shows all across Europe at always bigger venues and festivals and most of all, the long-deserved recognition of this French artist as one of the finest purveyors of modern breakcore.
A good starting point to compare "Form" to its predecessor is to have a look at their cover artworks: both are complex, colourful and abstract (and in that quite different from what's usually done in breakcore). But where "Remains Of Shapes To Come" was angular, pointy and sombre, Ruby My Dear's new album displays a much more organic, flowing and aerial appearance. This evolution is reflected in the music, which has kept its impressively complex structure, its constant changes and its tonal richness, but has also grown a little softer and more humane. When he slices breaks, Ruby My Dear now also integrates beautiful voices ("Spleen"). When the beats get heavy and fast, he intertwines them with moments of melodic respites ("Focus On Sanity"). When the acid kicks in, it is together with humour and long build-ups ("Embruns"). Finally, when he invites his label-mate and breakcore figurehead Igorrr to the album, it is to play delicate lines of piano ("Stax").
Ruby My Dear's music has always stood out for the intelligent way in which he brings its audience to dance and twitch, and yet always take the listener by the hand and keep a humane approach. This is not the hardest music around, but it might very well be the most organic and cohesive breakcore in a very long time. Ruby My Dear slides from hard breaks to laid back beauty with grace, without sacrificing the particularly high production value of his material.
There is no doubt that Ruby My Dear brings a very fresh approach to breakcore and does so with insolent talent and open ears. Audiences worldwide have finally recognized his talent with "Remains Of Shapes To Come" and should find in "Form" an even more seducing and energizing evolution.

1. Prah
2. Stax
3. Spleen
4. Carradine Suicide 5. Jitter Room
6. Annwvyn
7. 20-bits Fish
8. Geysa
9. Focus On Sanity
10. Oct Chrystal
11. Embruns

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