Ben Lukas Boysen / Gravity


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Ben Lukas Boysen / Gravity

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The first album by Ben Lukas Boysen (also known for being the musician behind Hecq), "Gravity" is a deeply personal work in which this highly-praised producer sheds the artifacts of electronic music to compose a solemn and touching album of beauty and depths. Melancholic piano lines, warm analogue sound, tender drums: "Gravity" is only as sad as you want it to be, for it is first a solitary and introvert journey through heights and emotions. Much more than a new beginning: a revealing.
It would be banal to have to stress how talented musician necessarily are multi-talented and open minded, and even more to underline how often producers of heavy music are also the author of mesmerizing calm, beautiful pieces. It might often take the experience of complex, fast and broken composition to truly appreciate simple, meditative pieces of deep harmonies. And yet, we can't be speculate that many listeners will be surprised by this first studio album by Ben Lukas Boysen (following two highly regarded feature-film soundtracks) if they approach it under the light of his output as Hecq.
"Gravity" is not a Hecq album. So much should be clear from its inception. The shift of monikers doesn't only translate a conjunctural stylistic one, but also reflects the shedding of the artefacts of Hecq (may it be the focus on complex IDM or the dancefloor-intent of the post-"Sura", heavy-bass material) and the focusing on the simplest and truest of this musician's music. Ben Lukas Boysen didn't plan, map out and elaborate "Gravity", he wrote it and let it be born. With the experience of more than decade of writing albums, EPS, soundtracks and sound banks, he let the inspiration flow forward, forming naturally this 40 minutes long ode to heights, awe and profoundness.
From "Only In The Dark" to the twin "Nocturnes", this album's "Gravity" is a serious, solemn one. And yet, "To The Hills" from "Eos", it is also one of heights, of vertigoes and cliffs. May it be with its purest piano lines or through its droning choir-like melodies, this album fits its title in all its meanings. Its force of attraction takes us deeper towards its core, where it displays a true seriousness, void of coldness or pretension.
New beginnings are always difficult moments, but Ben Lukas Boysen's path is here not one of self-invention, but one of stripping his art from artifacts and drawing on his often praised talent to reveal a touching, beautiful, towering whole which could so far be only hinted at.

1. Only In The Dark
2. Nocturne 1
3. To The Hills
4. You'll Miss Us One Day 5. Gravity
6. Eos
7. Nocturne 2
8. The Behinian Gospel

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