Wormskull / Sound Of Hell


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Wormskull / Sound Of Hell

Ad Noiseam - Adn0144

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First, Wormskull is an all star band formed by Bong-Ra, Deformer, Balazs Pandi and Eni-Less. But it's also a full frontal sonic assault that taps from years of experience in the metal and electronic scenes to come up with a high-energy, moshpit-packing devil of an album. Don't believe what you were told: it's not a team of Soviet scientists who recorded the sounds of hell, but a quartet of angry, experienced musicians who love their metal dark, their beats punishing, and their atmospheres abysmal. Heavy riffs, complex drumming, electronic arrangements that have their roots in Bong-Ra's breakcore: Wormskull is nothing for the weak of heart.
Very real and very disturbing indeed, Wormskull first stands for its line-up: Ad Noiseam-regular multi- instrumentalist Jason Kohnen (of Bong-Ra and The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble fame), Mike Redman (known for his jungle and breakcore releases as Deformer) and the insanely busy Balazs Pandi (a regular collaborator of Merzbow, Venetian Snares and Otto Von Schirach). We could stop it already.
The latest brainchild of Jason Kohnen (on electronics and bass guitar) and Mike Redman (vocals and electronics), Wormskull first came to being when these two decided to go back to their metal roots (both used to play in rather prominent metal bands in the 90's), and quickly evolved into a trio with the integration of the insane drumming of Balazs Pandi, himself known for his talents ranging from the freest of jazz to the most violent of metal. Mixing their old metal influences with their current electronic endeavours and a definite punk attitude, the newly formed Wormskull quickly came out with a few tracks whose preview sent the internet aflame. A few studio sessions and the integration of Stoma's guitarist (and Deformer's turntablist) Eni-Less to the band, "Sound Of Hell" had been bored from the deepest of pits.
Lyrically an over the top festival (including the aggressive rapping of Scapu Lox on two tracks), sonically a frontal assault, and on stage an exhilirating all-out experience, Wormskull stands as the meeting point of a mature, punkish attitude, a forceful production and the experience of four very talented musicians. May it be when they pay homagef to Enio Morricone's soundtracks or when they tap the darkest of the metal rethorics, the demons are flying out of hell, and they clearly know what they are after and how to obtain it. Hard, fun and with little left to chance, Wormskull is the wild ride you want to mosh and headbang to. Do it till the nosebleed!

1 / A1. Intro
2 / A2. Wormskull
3 / A3. Deadlocks
4 / A4. Nosebleed
5 / A5. Woody Strode 6 / A6. Ori Ede
7 / B2. Stereokillah
8 / B3. Deformer Style 9 / B4. Do it!
10 / B5. Downer
11 / B1. Corpsefucker

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