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2methyl / Orb

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Ever-changing and ever progressing: over the course of a few years, 2methyl (formerly known as 2methylbulbe1ol) has developed an intricate, intense and particularly sharp sound, as demonstrated in a few records with the like of Niveau Zero and Hecq. "Orb" is his long awaited first adventure into drum'n'bass. 2methyl knows better than repeat and copy: "Orb" is a very clear, heavy, sharp and adding this musician's experience and experiments to beats which are sure to pack the dancefloor. An EP for the feet as much as for the brain from an artist to watch extremely closely.
"Orb" might very well be the record that spreads the methylation, as it is the hardest-hitting and most compact release to date by Nicolas Druoton (2methylbulbe1ol , now shortened to 2Methyl). After having made a name for himself with razor-sharp and heavy dubsep, this musician proves here that he can tackle drum'n'bass with ease and receive praises from his peers for doing so.
2Methyl has long been something of a well kept secret. He might have had five records released in as many years, and have worked with Niveau Zero (on the "My Roots / Glocken" EP for Peace Off's Ruff sublabel) as well as with Hecq and Mobthrow on his latest "Golem", it has taken some time for this musician to be seen for who he is: a production wiz-kid whose tracks sound very mature, controlled and sharp. If 2Methyl ha been under-rated so far, anybody listening to such material as "Orb" is immediately convinced that he is somebody to watch very closely. Case in point: The Sect's enthusiasm about working with 2Methyl's music for their remix featured on this EP.
"Orb" is 2Methyl's first drum'n'bass-focused record, on which he embraces the most modern elements of this genre and combines them with his care for details and his talent for cinematic ambiences. Somber and driven, high-tech and mature, these tracks bring a new freshness and depth to a style which focuses too often on efficiency only. Here is music that will not only make you dance, but are also impressive in their soulfulness and intensity.
A1. Orb
A2. Lazarus
B1. Green Shifter
B2. Orb (The Sect remix)

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