Siriusmo / Jaja (RSD edition)


Siriusmo / Jaja (RSD edition)

Monkeytown / 50Weapons - Monkey-RSD2014

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• 10" / 10 €

LIMITED EDITION! Remnants of this year's Record Store Day!

The first single for the Record Store Day in 2011 featured Monkeytown's Siriusmo followed by releases with tracks from both labels Monkeytown Records and 50WEAPONS.

On side A of the limited edition 10inch you will find "jaja" by Siriusmo, side B has the Siriusmo / Anstam co-production "muckefuck" which - according to Siriusmo - is the result of "mystical interaction between the woods and the sun". You can kind of guess from the record cover.


A - Siriusmo "jaja"
B - Siriusmo & Anstam "muckefuck"

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