Candie Hank / Transylvanian Dirtbag


Candie Hank / Transylvanian Dirtbag

Shitkatapult - Strike0147.5

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• Bag + MP3 / 13 €

Bags with a full album download code, filled with earth from the heart of Transylvania. Sewn ceramic coins with engraved Candie Hank Logo.

For his latest album, "Demons", Mr. Hank traveled through deep Transylvania and confronted himself with nothing else than nature and his inner thoughts, overcoming "feelings of anger, grim and fear". This special release bonus item heartfully manufactured by Otilia Mihalcea with the help of Bucharest's sweetest seamstresses, helps to avoid the oh-so-common plastic madness. Enjoy the album and the cleaning powers of dirt! Peace!

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