Modeselektor / Happy Birthday!


Modeselektor / Happy Birthday!

BPitch Control - BPC159

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• CD / 15 €


 1. 2000007 - Feat. TTC
 2. Happy Birthday
 3. Sucker Pin
 4. Let Your Love Grow - Moderat Feat. Paul St. Hilaire
 5. B.M.I.
 6. The Dark Side Of The Sun - Feat. Puppetmastaz
 7. Déboutonner - Feat. Siriusmo
 8. Hyper Hyper - Feat. Otto Von Schirach
 9. The First Rebirth
10. The White Flash - Feat. Thom Yorke
11. Edgar
12. The Black Block

This record is once again a description of the state of mind of the little buggers from Berlin-Wedding. The constant
state of mind is definately clear: hanging out together all the time. Not only professionally (tours, studio ...), but now
even more in their privat lifes to. Because, smart asses will have reasoned already, both will become fathers very soon, almost simultaneously. Happy Birthday! 

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