Telefon Tel Aviv / Immolate Yourself


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01_The Birds

02_Your Mouth


04_Helen Of Troy

05_Mostly Translucent

06_Stay Away From Being Maybe

07_I Made A Tree On The Wold

08_Your Every Idol

09_You Are The Worst Thing In The World

10_Immolate Yourself

Telefon Tel Aviv / Immolate Yourself

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“Immolate Yourself“ unites ten tracks with the aim to give the term electro pop a new definition for 2009. Although each track has its own story to tell, together they paint a bigger picture that encapsulates the Telefon Tel Aviv sound. Arguably the albums standout track “Helen and Troy“ was in fact the last track to be finished and in a way marked the studio climax. As Telefon Tel Aviv state, “we knew, after completing this song, that we were in fact finished with the record“.

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