Notic Nastic / Illuminati Bitch


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01_Illuminati Bitch (Mijk Van Dijk Remix)

02_Illuminati Bitch (Radio Edit)

03_Illuminati Bitch (Tofa Remix)

Notic Nastic / Illuminati Bitch

Notic Nastic - nn03

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illuminati bitches are artists who sell out and promote an ever present and rising media agenda defined by murder, suicide, bondage, trans humanized robot girls, glorified police states and satanic worship.

does the illuminati even exist? we could say, for the sake of argument, that it doesnt even matter! But were not shy - we can no longer afford to be. lets take a look at some of the evidence that is at play here...

a dark propaganda, deeply rooted in the occult, is being fed to young people on a daily basis. we need to ask ourselves, if this is backed by billions of dollars and with support from entertainment execs, the elite, even the banks?! is this consistent message simply coincidence?

the big question we must ask is WHY?while the all seeing eye is significant for many religions, it is commonly used in a masonic or egyptian context in pop culture. the most prevalent symbol is the eye of providence on top of the pyramid, representing that

you are always being watched by the highest power...

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