Army Of The Universe / Lovedead


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01_Lovedead (Original Mix)

02_Resin (Original Mix)

03_Dust In The Universe (Original Mix)

04_Hollywood Drama (Original Mix)

05_Lovedead (T. Raumschmiere Dub)

06_Lovedead (Evil Nine Remix)

07_Lovedead (Evil Nine Radio Edit)

08_Resin (Bobermann Remix)

Army Of The Universe / Lovedead

Other Labels - ArmCD001

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Tracklisting CD:

01. Lovedead (Original Mix)
02. Resin (Original Mix)
03. Dust In The Universe (Original Mix)
04. Hollywood Drama (Original Mix)
05. Lovedead (T. Raumschmiere Dub)
06. Lovedead (Evil Nine Remix)
07. Lovedead (Evil Nine Radio Edit)
08. Resin (Bobermann Remix)

09. Lovedead (Music Video)


Tracklisting EP:

A1. Lovedead (Original Mix)
A2. Lovedead (T. Raumschmiere Dub)
A3. Lovedead (Evil Nine Radio Edit)

B1. Resin (Original Mix)
B2. Resin (Bobermann Remix)
B3. Lovedead (Evil Nine Remix)


Sometime around the winter of 2008, on a dark stormy night in the grey city of Milan, Army of the Universe were born. From the mind and synthesizers of Techno/Trance producer Albert Vorne (aka Trebla) and the powerful voice of Lord K (Lead singer of Kult of the Skull God) they came.

The band as we know today was finalised by the distorted, weeping and power-driven guitars of Davil.

Army Of The Universe have always taken inspiration from the experiments of 80's electro-rock, fuelled with the futuristic re-interpratations of rocking 6 strings on top of twisted electronic landscapes and the collisons of sound of the end of the millennia and this is showcased in their debut UK release ‘Lovedead EP' - due for physical release in February 2011.

Army of the Universe's sound leans on analog synths in a fusion with blade-like guitars, speeding echoes of 80's metal and drawing on the backgrounds of British electronica, new wave and techno beats.

Cutting edge music born for dance floors melds with epic power rock and blinks an eye to the warm feeling of live interpretations, a postmodern experience that completes the fusion of the two worlds.

The Lovedead EP precedes Army of the Universe's debut album, entitled ‘Mother Ignorance'. With them in the studio was Chris Vrenna, former dummer of Nine Inch Nails (Grammy Winner) as well as keyboards and electronics for Marilyn Manson and founder of electro band Tweaker.  Joining them all in the studio was Multi-Gold record producer and the engineer with Rasmus, Megadeth, Slipknot, Metallica to name a few. Chris instantly loved the project and declared " I have not heard something so new for a very long time".

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