Broken Note / Flood


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02_Mask Of Gas

Broken Note / Flood

Ad Noiseam - Adn0134

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01. Flood
02. Aporia
03. Mask Of Gas
04. Bad Acid

Subwoofers and ear drums beware: Broken Note are back, angrier and louder than ever. With “Flood”, this British act delivers a four track of their sharpest yet heaviest material so far. It's been said that their music was metal turned into breakcorish dubstep: this description has never fit them so well. Compact, massive, earth-shattering and genre-defining: “Flood” is to be seen as a particularly tasty plate from Broken Note and a pivotal record for hard(er) hitting dubstep.


They are already back: a year after their critically appraised "Terminal Static" first CD (Ad Noiseam adn117), Broken Note come back to the fold to deliver a four tracker which can be easily considered as their most solid and hard hitting so far.

Featuring three brand new tracks and "Mask Of Gas", a previously CD-exclusive tune (which has been causing the ire of vinyl fans for a year), this new EP is yet again another step forward and ahead for Broken Note. Fans of harsh beats, mammoth-like basses and abysmal drops, rejoice, your favourite purveyors of sounds are still alive and kicking harder than ever.

The opening, almost acoustic intro to the title track is a good sign of what's to come later on with this record: Broken Note have now embraced the description of "metal heads of dubstep" that has been so often used in reviews. Both the opener and the following "Aporia" might be 100% electronic and instrumental pieces of dubstep, they carry a fundamentally more violent, aggressive and yes, "metal" feel than anything else in the genre. This is not to be denied by "Bad Acid", on the flip side, one of the most break(core) tracks of this project so far, with its incessant changes and multitudes of effects. And finally, how could one resist to the majestic and doom-ridden might of the closing "Mask Of Gas", already a classic in DJ sets worldwide.

No question, Broken Note is now a force to be counted with. And no question either, "Flood" is Broken Note in a very, very good day. Enjoy, and be honest: don't you wish that dubstep had stayed this exciting?

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