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Bong-Ra / Monster

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A1 / 1. Behemoth
A2 / 2. Cyclops
B1 / 4. Yeti
B2 / 3. Kraken

After a couple of years of silence, Bong-Ra returns to the foreground with a conceptual EP which shows an surprising new side of this project. Marrying his pummelling beats and high speed breaks with lush instrumentations and acoustic strings, Bong-Ra's "Monster" sounds hard and human at the same time. The carefully design of an experienced and imaginative producer, this many-headed sonic Cerberus is an extravagant monster of outstanding force and depth.


Even though Bong-Ra's name and sound keep on popping at parties and festivals, it had been a couple of years since fresh material hadn't come out of the "digital harem" studio". Having focused on his other projects (mainly The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble), Jason Köhnen has only in 2010 had the time to return to his best known and longest-running project.

A lot has changed and a lot has been kept the same under Bong-Ra's black hood: while we clearly deal with Bong-Ra's towering presence of clustered beats and sharp breaks, more balance is to be found at the heart of this "Monster" than ever before.

This EP's alchemy lies in the way Bong-Ra marries what he is known for (hard club-friendly rhythms) and what he has grown to produce more and more over the years (rich instrumentations and arrangements). In this sense, "Monster" meets its concept: it is not only a record about relationships, but one which brings together two elements usually usually very distinct. This gets particularly clear when "Yeti" and his pounding kicks confirm Bong-Ra's position on his throne of the hard electronic music scene, only to be answered with "Kraken"'s human emotions and acoustic strings.

An agile but deadly hydra, "Monster" is an important release for Bong-Ra. A chapter is being closed, but the best elements of the past are molten together in new and exciting ways. In this sense, this musician confirms again that while his music might be lean and mean, it's also intensely detailed and precise. This might be only a start (as an album is soon to follow), but this "Monster" is already soaring very high.

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