Karsten Pflum / Nemo Loon


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01_Nemo Loon part I

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Karsten Pflum / Nemo Loon

Ad Noiseam - Adn0130

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A1. Nemo Loon part III
A2. Nemo Loon part V
B1. Nemo Loon part I
B2. Nemo Loon part II

Beatsmith extraordinaire and relentless live performer Karsten Pflum delivers with his mysterious "Nemo Loon" his take at the dubstep sound. Towering, imposing, and yet extremely dynamic and percussive, the four tracks on this EP are obviously not the output of a newcomer, but of an experimented producer. Marrying catchy melodies, tectonic bass lines and sharp drums, "Nemo Loon" is both a spatial, mystic monolith and a heavy, head-nodding alien creation.

2010, the year we make contact: while Karsten Pflum and Ad Noiseam had crossed paths again and again, it's only this year that a release by this talented Danish producer comes out on this label. A meeting of expatriates brought together by both relocations to Berlin, "Nemo Loon" is also the fruit of this city's vibrant club scene.

Hand picked among a longer series, the four untitled tracks of the "Nemo Loon" EP are, broadly said, Karsten Pflum's take at dubstep. More than a conscious jump from one style to the other, though, this aerial, bassy and particularly dynamic material was produced over the last two years as Karsten Pflum slowly let the wobbly basses and aerial lines of the genre drip into his sharp and precise electronica. The result is something which, however probably destined to be pigeon-holed as dubstep, features many elements which are usually not found in this genre. From the staccato beats of the opening epic of "Nemo Loon III" to the acoustic drums of "Nemo Loon I", this EP still fits well in the playful club-friendliness and "thinking-man electronica" that have become synonyms with Karsten Pflum's discography.

Ad Noiseam is proud to welcome on board this relentless musician. Insolently underrated but not as little known as some might believe, Karsten Pflum has over the years become a driving force of the North European electronic music stage. Having played countless festivals, organized (and performed at) enough shows to create a vibrant scene in his former home town of Arhus and part of the very interesting and talented young Danish school of electronica, Karsten Pflum is a name which has been on the radar for quite some time and is here to stay. In the same way, "Nemo Loon" sounds very much like an angular stone for both this musician and Ad Noiseam's catalog, where it perfectly fits together with such recent releases as Hecq's "Sura" and Matta's "The Lost". Of course "I can assure you now that it's going to be all right" (again and again).


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