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Hecq / Sura

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A.   Sura
B1. Tiamat
B2. Sura (remix by Matta)

"Sura" is the long-awaited release of Hecq's most energized tracks, which he has been performing live in the recent times. This multi-talented stakhanovite of audio production turns dubstep into a exhilarating new beast, in which the gargantuan basses come armed with sharp metal beats. The result is a record of epic proportions, comes as the redeeming encounter of the dancefloor and pristine audio production. 


Ben Lukas Boysen doesn't sleep. Instead he creates tones, dissects waveforms, arranges tracks and remixes beats. A proof of this is the avalanche of tunes, soundtracks, mixes and DJ sets that Hecq has been unleashing upon the world in the recent years. Combining packed concerts, collaborations with other producers and audio-design work, Hecq is a name that has now popped up on many press releases and in many ears.

And still, something was quite missing: while the recent "Steeltongued" double album was taking a step in this direction, there was so far no official record of the material with which Hecq has been sending party-goers into frenzy for the last couple of years. These heavy, syncopated tracks, with their massive sub-basses and infinite drops hadn't made it to the general public. Yet.

Here's what "Sura" intends at correcting. Hecq's long-awaited return to the vinyl format contains two of his most insidious and intoxicating tracks as well as an equally dynamic remix by label mates Matta. Kidnapping dubstep and forcing it to perform an elegant back flip, Hecq takes the best of the genre, cleans it up thoroughly, and repacks it in a fresh, original and particularly up-to date form.

DJ, party goers, audiophiles rejoice: Hecq will guide you along dark corridors, protect you from monsters and save you from certain doom.


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