DJ Hidden / The Words Below Vol.2


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01_The Traveller

DJ Hidden / The Words Below Vol.2

Ad Noiseam - Adn0119

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DJ Hidden / The Words Below Limited Editions Vinyl Series vol.2


A.   The Traveller
B1. The Words Below
B2. Drawn In 

In 2007, DJ Hidden's "The Later After" (Ad Noiseam adn73) brought a wave of appraisal and excitement from fans and producers alike. It will have taken two years to bring a sequel to this very remarked first full length album. More detailed, more varied and crafted with even more care, this sophomore effort, "The Words Below" is set to confirm the admiration that one can have of DJ Hidden.

Using the same guidelines as its predecessor, "The Words Below" is a long journey through the synthetic, melodic and energetic world created by Noel Wessels. From the rapidly percussive prologue to the anthemic conclusion of "The Devil's Instant", this albums marries melodic moments worthy of a film soundtrack with merciless, dancefloor-packing tracks. The whole things flows perfectly, and while each piece has an efficiency of its own, the concept of an album (to be listened to without interruption from start to finish) shows here all its sense.

DJ Hidden's production, both for drum'n'bass inprints and for the breakcore scene, are known and praised for their level of detail, their clarity and the sharpness of their sounds. Far from being an exception, "The Words Below" takes all these elements a step further: particularly crisp and dynamic, these thirteen tracks are built on a high number of constantly shifting layers. Melodies, bass lines, beats, breaks, samples, all seem to fall into place naturally, which makes it easier for the listener to loose himself into this whole trip "below".

To quote an early review of this album, "It's easy to take for granted an artist that is so consistent in quality but not with Hidden, you wait with baited breath for his next release and always get that same face pulling joy when the impact of the 1st beat smacks you bang in the face." (Core, Sept. 2009). DJ Hidden has managed with "The Words Below" to surpass what was already considered as a masterpiece. There is no doubt to have, the excitement, enthusiasm and awe brought by this album are beyond what could be expected, even considering DJ Hidden's brilliant past.


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