Apparat / Sayulita


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02_Lengthening Shadows


Apparat / Sayulita

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Side A: Apparat - Sayulita

Side B: Telefon Tel Aviv - Lengthening Shadows

Side BB: Apparat - Circles 


Boasting collaborative work on albums with Ellen Alien and Modeselektor and three long players on the Shitkatapult label under the Apparat moniker, German producer Sasha Ring has excelled in always keeping his music fluid. Refusing to pin  himself down to any specific traits, working completely in the realms of his own headspace he's been able to explore new avenues whilst segueing his own passion for frequencies and sound design into his output. Named after the Mexican town where Ring recently decamped to record forthcoming material, 'Sayulita' is his exclusive contribution to his DJ KiCKS mix; a 130bpm track that he admits contains the elements he was embracing at the time.
 Alongside another Ring contribution, 'Circles' - which opens his DJ KiCKS installment with its blended string pickings dancing underneath his vocal line and wails of humanized chords ? this EP also features a second track made expressly for the mix by Telefon  Tel Aviv. Having travelled with Ring to Mexico to work on the new material and sessions that 'Sayulita' developed from, it's suitably fitting that Joshua Eustis' 'Lengthening Shadows' should be included. 

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