Fenin / None Of Them (Robag Wruhme Remixes)


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01_None Of Them (Robags Wokksikon Remikks)

02_None Of Them (Robags Berfa Lubb Dubbse)

Fenin / None Of Them (Robag Wruhme Remixes)

Shitkatapult - Strike0116

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If you’d force me to do a list of my all-time-Shitkatapult Top 5 NONE OF THEM by Lars FENIN would be one of the first titles I count in. This outstanding track of his double album GROUNDED in 2005 assembles the best of two music worlds: reggae and techno. The songwriting by FENIN combined with the voice of GORBI still gives me goosebumps - and to the people I played it, too, at home or on the floor.

ROBAG WRUHME and the WIGHNOMY BROTHERS charted it for a long time as number one on their dj charts and we all knew that this track had to be included into FENIN´s upcoming MIXES & MAXIS album. Here now, we have the 12” featuring NONE OF THEM in a floor killer remix by ROBAG WRUHME and a dub remix version on the flip side.
This is a big one!

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