Various Artists - Out There


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01_Gunnar Hemmerling: Der Specht

02_Fenin: Late Drive

03_Asyncron: Out There (nothing mix)

04_Lars Hemmerling: Polartity

Various Artists - Out There

Dock - Dock03

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Be various.......

1. Gunnar Hemmerling:Der Specht (w+p gunnar hemmerling)
dubby impressions of wood peckers in hidden rooms and spaces

2. Fenin:Late Drive (w+p lars fenin)
cruising around the ambient ways with sweet backing pads.

3. Asyncron:Out there (nothing mix) (w+p lars hemmerling)
jazzy influenced track that shines on and on….

4. Lars Hemmerling:Polartity (w+p lars hemmerling)
darker dub step cut for bass lovers…

mastered by Andreas Krüger

The label is run by lars fenin aka fenin who has released on such imprints like: echocord, shitkatapult, meteosound , etc.. and Lars & Gunnar Hemmerling ,the “dubby-twins” who are known for their variety music journeys as dj team and their releases on eintakt.

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