Thomas Brinkmann / Tokyo + 1


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02_Mit Sugar

03_109 Competition

04_3 St. 2 Shinjuku






Thomas Brinkmann / Tokyo + 1

Max.Ernst - maxe006

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"Sound can be a strongest narrator. All-medium-integrated lens, channeled to all organs and senses. As soon as it enters us, it starts to be controlled by our predisposed notions and somewhat familiar projections, that link to all kinds of data in our unconscious. It leads to forsake the roots and toughest DNA programs running in us by touching so called untouchable and inviolable areas of our being with its huge emotional input, hypnotizing by bouncing algorithms, translating thousand bodies into one whole, determining our emotional and intellectual oscillation flow. And yet, there are certain tones that our ears are not able to perceive as specialties that are worth capturing and analyzing. Analyzing, because those sounds are the very basics of our brain machineries. Without ever knowing, just like millions of unnoticeable smells, the most ordinary sounds control our unconscious much more then any other music on tape or perfume in a bottle. Often we find ourselves frustrated and we fail to realize that this condition is due to the bad soundtrack that assisted us during the day. And even if we realize it, we're unable to mute it. The only thing we can do is to explore it, just like any musical piece or movie and track it's input through us. The more we're completely integrated into this sounds, the more alienated we become while encountering them in the closed room, where all this same noises gain gravity and become one concrete sequence. Our brain starts to resist the resemblance of these noise with the musical tunes. [Tokyo + 1] is compiled of the aforementioned sounds, recorded in Japan and Greece. As we thoroughly listen to 9 tracks, we first find ourselves in a certain maze of discouragement, which is derived from incapacity of finding the similarity and comparison. Shortly this illogical puzzle vanishes along with the walls and geographical borders and we find ourselves in the middle of the unknown culture and location. This virtual traveling becomes in fact most factual in next moment, bringing our entire body into motion, moving through the places where the sounds have been initially captured. But even after this point, the sounds accelerate our expectations, by their earsplitting level, unnaturally sharpening the picture and our motion through it. Usually blurred environment around us becomes as concrete as never before, converting into close-up and giving each infinitesimal detail its' exceptional meaning. This is a concrete tour that initiates in Tokyo and rounds up in Ikaria, where the music ends and motion and sound around us return to their usual level of display and perception with one definite note: we can loose ourselves and repeat this tour over and over again."

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