Soul Center / Soul Center 2


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01_Can I Ask You

02_What You're Doin

03_Are You Ready


05_Psycho Set



08_Who In The Funk


10_Psycho Set II

Soul Center / Soul Center 2

Max.Ernst - maxe-cd2-W.v.B

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Year 2000 release. The second Soul Center album from Thomas Brinkmann dives into the minutae of sampled groove like nothing previously known to man. Utilizing source music via the likes of "Anne", "S. Tax", "H. Hancock", "E. Floyd", "St. Singers", "R. Thomas", "C. Thomas", "G. Clinton", "B. Kays", "U. Finger", "C. Morgenstern", & "R. Powder", this album mainlines the concept of musical euphoria and achieves instant classic status. Official hype: "Can I ask you one question, ain't I clean? What you're doin? 29 years later the new bastard: Soul Center based on Wattstax... Are you ready for this, Artur? A psycho set with respect. Boy...big stuff... who in the funk do you think you are? You'll never be a morning star. Cause there are no stars in the sky, they're all on the ground. 'You may call it soul with hot sauce. We call it the African truthjuice...the sperm of the sun." (Jim Ingram). Figure it out!"

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