Thomas Brinkmann / Klick Revolution


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01_Geschlossene Kiste/Initiation_locked Box

02_Befragung Des Glücks_Questionary About Luck

03_Die Schiefe Ebene_Inclined Plane

04_Der Lauf Der Dinge_Slide Of Things

05_Logik Des Niedergangs_Logic Of Decline


Thomas Brinkmann / Klick Revolution

Max.Ernst - maxe011

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Germany's legendary label-owner, remixer and prolific experimentalist Thomas Brinkmann offers a tribute to the pinball machine, on Klick Revolution. These tracks deal with the concept of the locked box with the inclined plane, as the player ponders his "questionary about luck, the slide of the things into the logic of decline," as Brinkmann states. This is a new game with turntables -- not unlike the 2001 conceptual Klick release, but this time the player is trying to turn the fixed medium of the locked box into a landscape where the klicks are sounds from the past, confronting and reacting against bumpers, ramps and logs. These implements become symbols of the obstacle of ideas in music -- the sound of Sisyphus playing pinball with a rolling stone, in the ultimate expression of the tragedy of fun. These klick revolutions are based on live sets performed during the last two years, and the variations within the live context are apparent: each track builds on a theme, with different sideways escape routes using various locked-groove records as tools (the specific records Brinkmann used for these sets can be found in the 18-page booklet in poster-format accompanying this release). A pinball machine is a locked box filled with structured, confronted noises and endless thematic possibility: start the game of Klick Revolution now.

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