Thomas Brinkmann / When Horses Die...


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03_Birth & Death





08_It´s Just

09_When Horses Die...


Thomas Brinkmann / When Horses Die...

Max.Ernst - maxe016

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when horses die ...

they breathe

when grasses die, they wither

when suns die, they cool down

when people die, they sing ...



the title of the album is talking. 10 songs and it starts up with a piano track attends distorted guitars and bass, no drums, but "words" from Winston Tong, not as a cover version, a broken arrangement between voice and strange instruments. the second track, "spiral" is also without drums and an adaption of robert smithsons "spiral jetty" to something witch is "us" as an ending and a beginning between 2 people. a love song like all of these tracks are love songs. the third track, birth and death, twists into the more "heavy" stuff, with drums and distorted guitars. at the end there is no mother, "who is taking you back, like she gaves birth to the one in the beginning..." the dark side begun, even the next track "meadow" sounds quite optimistic in sense of music, but joseph brodsky lyrics tell you a bit more. "souls" is a funky little shit (lyrics: marina zwetaeva) but a soul as a hole with a ghost inside is again a reverse angle in this song. for the album it was necessary to follow her way down to koktebel, east of crim, where "hades" meats paradise. 2 suns is maybe the most famous of her lyrics and this track is a heavy 100bpm stomper but not useable on 128bpm dancefloors, even it makes you wanna move. the lyrics are translated into japanese and as spoken words at the end of this track. now japan has 2 suns and hotter one gets frozen first!" uselessness is again based on the powerfull metaphors of robert smithson, a dark and doughy ambient spoken word track. a flying tomb disguised as an airplane ... is one of those pictures long before it happened. "it`s just" softly rocks into the direction of the title track "when horses die...", a velimir chlebnikov poem mixed with brodsky and an idea of "mamas and papas".the album is finnishing like it began, but without words anymore ...  nothing left to say. just piano, cello and distorted guitar.

There is NO TECHNO on the album. the source of inspiration is a strange mix between Suicide, Trent Raznor (everything where it belongs), Joy Division, old Tuxedo Moon, and Brian Eno on the other side, "another day on earth" and before "Roxy", even you ll not find anything of it over here, except Tong`s lyrics. a broadened concept of punk or doughy, cripled funk as something you gonna have to deal with, without asking if its right or wrong or should it? this album had to be made, even it`s a bad surprise for some false expectations towards straight 128 bassdrums and what is called "fun". but there is a division of it.  that`s why the last track is called "40".

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