Khan Of Finland / Khan Of Finland


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01_Who Never Rests

02_Walking In The Rain

03_You Like To Party?

04_Favor After Favor

05_Bottle Inn

06_Say Good Bye


08_Bling Bling

09_Vier Jahreszeiten

Khan Of Finland / Khan Of Finland

I'm Single - ims004

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Centered around the figure of Can "Khan" Oral, Khan Of Finland are a trio in
the traditional  sense of the word who make a sound that is anything but.
Using just vocals, piano and human beat-box, they play an all-acoustic
Electronic Blues but also switch roles and improvise. The piano becomes a
percussive instrument. The beat(box) melodic. The vocal full-blooded. From
the blues to a howl. The sound veering from metal-heavy riffs to dubbed-out

Nine songs all recorded live at a defunct gas station in Berlin Wedding with
a few additional over-dubs recorded at various other spectacular locations
such as St. Clara church in Berlin Neukoelln.

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