Daniel Meteo / Working First Class


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01_Return Of The Pure




Daniel Meteo / Working First Class

Meteosound - Meteo25

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RETURN OF THE PURE kicks off another chapter of DANIEL METEO´s latest
house oriented music production for the special floor. The title track is based on a catchy piano loop and a warm and hearty chord hook moved by the four to the floor bass drum and hi hat beats.  It appears as a kind of 2nd chapter of his PURE I track released on KALK PETS 12" last year. Interplay SIGNALS takes it from there to open up a score like an open gate, 90ies synth waves and strings.
The B SIDE contains 2 pieces (119 bpm and 116 bpm) featuring classy house moments of organ and bass, beats and soul. While GRACE keeps on flowing, final track JIMMY takes us home...

All in all: deep, soulful electronic music that continues METEOSOUND´s great line of recent releases which are at the intersection of club, dance floor, listening and experimental styles and progress like ISMAEL PINKLER´s Trote, FELIX´s Bad ideas and DANIEL METEO´s The beat of the heart.

The title WORKING 1ST CLASS may refer to the latest discussions about the new poor latte macchiato creative scene or the electronic bourgeois in Berlin and elsewhere that sit down with notebooks to create the networks of tomorrow while no one is listening. Release date 1st of may.

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