Bekeschus / Dieser Moment


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01_Ein Elektisierter Frühlingsmorgen




Bekeschus / Dieser Moment

Eintakt - Eintakt22

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Bekeschus is a new project in Eintakt´s artist portfolio. The brothers Benjamin and Sander present here their first release called “Dieser Moment”. This EP is a combination of moody electronic styles containing 4 tracks floating between deep, dub, and dirty. The songs connect modern music-to-the-floor with timeless sounds and arrangements that both touch inside and move forward. Sound inspirations derive from numerous movements of pre and post millennium artificial sound scapes. Especially, early club sessions in Berlin since 2000 shaped the brother´s view and interpretation of the input and output of electronic culture. “Dieser Moment” stands for an audiophile time document of their development, and at the same time awareness of “this moment”.
In the year 2000 the brothers started to engage their selves in DJing. Soon, first attempts on producing own creative pieces were made and provided insight into epochs, styles, and innovations of the electronic scene. Nevertheless, both always maintained discrete devotions. Sander gradually gained DJ experiences, most notable Tresor Club and Maria Club in Berlin or the SonneMondSterne festival as the 2nd Coke DJ Culture rookie of the year 2005.  Meanwhile, Ben refined and deepened his craft of arrangement and sound design, facilitated his fable for analogue sound hardware, and composed many songs in varying styles.  Finally, regular conjoint studio sessions gave room to exchange ideas and integrate experiences into new songs and sound creations.
 We are really happy to present this fine and beautous EP and warmly welcome the two brothers to our Eintakt Crew. Looking forward to our collaborations we think this artist team will provide us with many more great releases in future.

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