Breandan Davey / Basel Walkabout


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01_Basel Walkabout

02_Frivolous Frequatica

03_Future Funk


Breandan Davey / Basel Walkabout

Eintakt - Eintakt-Rare03

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The third Release on “Rare” is produced by the new Eintakt member Breandan Davey. Minimal funk-tech, neo-disco, jazzy-electro-house? Canadian sound engineer and producerBreandan Davey has been creating a unique blend of electronic music since 1991 and has always managed to escape the constraints of genre descriptions. His works float somewhere between the lines, neither exactly this nor that. As a relative latecomer to the business of releasing music,Breandan's music displays a maturity of thought and feeling honed by years of development and live performance. Performing under his various pseudonyms (Darky Power, Nonpareil) Breandan was one of the pioneers of live electronic music performance in the Canadian undergroundelectronic music scene.Breandan had his musical start in Toronto in the early 1990s. His early beginnings in composition stemmed from his friendship with schoolmate and DJ Jeff Milligan (Revolver Records) who introduced him to the embryonic underground electronic music scene. Influenced heavily in his early years by the 80’s Electro and New Wave movement, Breandan infused his music with elements from Detroit Techno, Chicago House, English IDM and the Canadian Minimal movement.After studying sound engineering and record production in 1999, Breandan began his career as astudio engineer and mixer, later turning to freelance record production in 2004.Now after a move to Europe, Breandan has found his musical home and has begun releasing his enormous and continuously growing catalogue of music. He continues to perform live, and is quickly developing public interest and label demand as an artist and remixer. Welcome to Eintakt Family.

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