T.Raumschmiere - Radio Blackout


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01_I'm Not Deaf, I'm Ignoring You



04_The Game Is Not Over

05_Drown In The Sea While Watching The Stars


07_Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Strom

08_A Million Brothers

09_Musick Boy


11_Radio Blackout

T.Raumschmiere - Radio Blackout

Novamute - NOMU108

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Since 1997 T. Raumschmiere (the moniker is lifted from the William S. Burroughs short story, 'The Dreamcops', 'Die Traumschmiere' in his native German) has released music on a variety of labels, though predominantly on his own - the wonderfully named Shitkatapult, based in Berlin, but also for Cologne's Kompakt, and Hefty Records (Chicago).
Without doubt, the T.Raumschmiere experience is best sampled live: for him the live arena is as crucial as the studio, his full- on 'stay-anti' motto confirming his punk based refusenik stance. He is a one man 'electro-punk' movement.

'Radio Blackout' remains conceptually and stylistically stubborn in its refusal to be pigeon-holed and reveals a sparkling diversity: punk, electro, hip-hop, rock and electronic atmospherics are all summarily despatched with such gusto, you begin to wonder what this enfant terrible will turn his machete to next.
'I'm Not Deaf, I'm Ignoring You' begins the chaos, belting corporate media conglomerates over the head with rock-hard hard metal riffage. Next up, and moving into the outside lane is the blistering single 'Monstertruckdriver', is it glam or punk or techno? Who cares? 'Someday' finds us locked in the same padded cell as Dabrye and Prefuse 73 with only a pinball machine for company.

For 'The Game Is Not over' Raumschmiere enlists Miss Kittin for punk vox, screaming a go-go, possibly her most unhinged guest performance to date. Digi-punk-rock. 'Drown In the Sea While Watching The Stars' is the evolving dramatic dream of melancholic junkies yearning for respite after ODing on downer beats. Next up: mosh to the tech-rock antics of future single 'Rabaukendisco' a pogo-meisterwork. 'Wir Kinder Vom Bahnhof Strom' is crack-house music for cable TV kids.

Glasgow-based female guest star MC Soom T. (courtesy of Monkeytribe) waxes lyrical and vocalises seductively in and old skool flavour on the gorgeous 'A Million Brothers (Blah Blah Blah)'.
Next up, the stomping 'Querstromzerspaner' provides us with an eco-friendly method of desposing with open air Goa types and Chai sippers. Following this, the title track brings us back down to earth with the total shut down of all lines of communication, transmissions without receivers. A beautiful track.

To close the album, T.Raumschmiere signs off on the self descriptive "MuSick Boy' in which a coarse and crackling red thread drags itself through the industrial biosphere back into a human being chained to machines. 'U make me sick, I make MuSick.'

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