Niak - Dock01


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01_Another Shot

02_Seems Like

Niak - Dock01

Dock - Dock01

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12“ limited vinyl cut & digital release

why makin a new vinyl label in these times of
digital and monopol-distribution-buisiness ?

-because music still matters nowadays more than ever
-because we can do it and we have the money for it
-because we re crazy enough to believe in music that sustains .
-because „a good dub  a day keeps the demons away“
-because we love berlin and the freaks(incl. us) that keep this music alive
-because a dream came true

„from dub till dawn“
these two cuts on berlin based new label „dock“
reflect urban dub music in two different versions:

A. another shot
is for all the lovers of  the early dub techno vibe in berlin
and everywhere. dub tracks in the techno-chord-jacket-costume:
delays, chords, deepness, warm feelings.

B.seems like
creates a living space between breaked-up drum loops
and percussive bass-tones...
a likely experimental dub-steppin tune that  filled up
with an arpeggio-like snyth–line over sweet backing pads.

this record is cut on 45 rpm and mastered by gl-audio/berlin
for bass response and maximum sound pleasure.

The label is run by lars fenin aka fenin
who has released on such imprints like: echocord, shitkatapult, eintakt , etc..
and two anonymous fellas , that likes to operate in the background.

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