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Enduser / Bollywood Breaks

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While Lynn Standafer's recent output might have had their roots in his current home of Cincinnati or in some back alley of Kingston, Jamaica, it is on the heights of the Himalaya and in the most glamour Hindi temple that we find him this time.

Never giving up to make the audience dance, Enduser aim this time at the belly rather than the feet, and invite his fans to an intercultural wedding. While the groom is the same noisy, loud bad boy, the bride is coming from the higher ranks of society and wears henna.

“Bollywood breaks” is Enduser’s homage to the bhangra music of the Hindi film industry, whose singing is here mixed with his infectious breaks and distorted beats for maximum efficiency. Drawing from two styles of music that could hardly be any more different, weren’t it for their raw dance appeal, Standafer comes here with some of the catchiest and seductive tunes you will hear till your next reincarnation.

Added to the flavour is extra curry by Larvae (who have played live on several occasions with Enduser) and the break wiz-kid Mad e.p., as well as by Line47, the other founder of Enduser’s Sonicterror label.

Enduser and Ad Noiseam are glad to invite you to a breakcore party at the Taj Mahal. Now sing and dance.

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