Chevron / Tuff Shite


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01_Burn Down The Jungle

02_Renegade Cherryade

03_We Want Hardcore

Chevron / Tuff Shite

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Chevron's intricate beats and party anthems get down and dirty with "Tuff Shite". Partly inspired by Chevron's hometown, and partly the result of his extensive live experience all throughout Europe, the six complex, crisp and tongue-in-cheek tracks presented here are also a lot more than just "tuff". Upbeat and clear, the A side displays (again, as if necessary) Chevron's talent for complex rhythms and catchy melodies. Flip the record, and the B side delivers the dancefloor-packing tracks, where jungle, hardcore and breakcore collide in a tasty and incisive way. Welcome to Blackpool, don't let the comets hit you on the way to the club.

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