Puppetmastaz / Clones Live in Berlin


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02_Are You Ready for the Puppetmastaz?

03_Midi Mighty Moe

04_The Bigger the Better

05_A Very Special Guest





10_Do the Swamp

11_Pretending Early Morning

12_Jr Blenda

13_Quick to | Break a Bottle

14_We Back


16_Wishfull Thinking


Puppetmastaz / Clones Live in Berlin

Louisville - Reverb91

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Puppetmastaz are a phenomenon!

Some years ago, a bunch of Puppets, led by Mr. Maloke, a mole with a Top Hat, decided to put together a hiphop Crew to make us Humans listen to what they had to say. Based in Berlin, the capital of craziness, they made their first steps from the streets of Berlin to the small stages of the illegal clubscene in the nineties. Always pretending to be bigger then their small appearance, word got around more and more, and everybody who ever saw them, immediatly fell in love with these creatures.
They made their way around Europe, finding bigger and bigger audiences all over the place. their music has its very own style, a puppet-style which some of us refer to as „Beastcoast Rap“ and their live shows always are a spectacle.
The DVD, „Clones Live in Berlin“ contains a recording of their latest live show, which went extremely succesful after the Release of their last Album „Creature Shock Radio“. In over 80 Shows all across Europe, playing in front of a total of more then 100.000 humans, this has put the basis to their upcoming breakthrough.
So what happens:
After replacing Turbid the Toad with a Clone, the evil Sneakerboots, normally only the human Roadie and Helping Hand Crew of the Puppetmastaz, come up with the evil plan to replace the original Puppetmastaz with easy-to-handle Puppet Clones. What seems to be a succesful plot at first, turns out to fail when the original Puppetmastaz start to fight back.
All Songs in the Puppetmastaz Shows are performed live, and the outstanding Performance of the Crew makes it a pleasure to also just listen to the live recording on CD. Besides the Songs of their Album Creature Shock Radio, which are presented in a new and fresh way, the Puppetmastaz also feature unreleased Songs in their Live Show such as „Are you ready for the Puppetmastaz?“ or „Megabluff“ and „Clones“, the title Track of the show. The CD also features a new and unreleased Studio Recording of this title Track, which will be released as a Single.
The Bonus section f this DVD contains a very special feature, the first Puppet-Documentary Movie „Wick-a-Woo – Are you ready for the Puppetmastaz?!“ filmed by Sandra Kaudelka. It is the first time this Film is released and it is a 30 minutes Documentary movie which presents the Puppetmastaz behind the scenes, in the Tourbus, on their Day off, on the Beach, in Interviews about their ambitions and Dreams.
Puppetmastaz „Clones Live in Berlin“ is overall a document of the first stage of the Puppetmastaz Career in music and entertainment business, a must for every fan and a fine way for every to-be fan to fall for the tiny little creatures of the Puppetmastaz – Crew.
Most of the Songs in the show, which are from their Album Creature Shock Radio,  the Puppetmastaz also perform unreleased Material.

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