Amerika Ruby / Demand Vol.3


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02_Bit Eden


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Amerika Ruby / Demand Vol.3

Meteosound - Demand03

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demand vol.03 presents "killer killer", the 2nd release by japanese digital dub producer wannabe yuki aka amerika ruby. this 5 track ep showcases a true futuristic picture of dub music: digital, extremely minimal production architecture and very special sound-design. Nowadays dub music at its best!

"hydro" presents yuki´s love to reggae music and the roots of dub! a magical touch of classic!
"bit eden" titles a journey for pure music lovers. it´s slow arrangement and echoments are bundled by a nice discostyle bass line.
"sapporo" reference uk neo dub and stepper style in a 4 to the floor style. can be played on far out dj sets or for your lsd science trips.
"marble cough" and "happy" combine an urban funk and break view onto the world and music. this ep is pure static beauty and clearly a dub step forward. japanese future production beyond stars!
yuki wannabe explains: "i like UK reggae, soundsystem, bass shakes me, I wanna do music such as E2E4 meets raggae basss"

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