Mike Fuzz / Check Your Head


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01_Check This Out

02_Terminate the Terminator

03_It's Kicking ft. Suzy Love (DJ Flush Edit)

Mike Fuzz / Check Your Head

Musick to play in the club - musick0022

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CHECK YOUR HEAD bangs from the first to the very last second. this is really no laid back chill out sound. this is rave culture from the future of germany influenced technologist music art and the soulful touch of detroit´s music of today.

opener CHECK THIS OUT makes me visualize peace soldier MIKE FUZZ returning from the future in very best shape: rave signals salute his helicopters landing on a heart attack down beating piece of freak musick.  double beats and vocals, singing straight about the truth: "check this out! I don´t make any money with this track..." this is infotainment from reality!!!!!!!!!!

2nd track TERMINATE THE TERMINATOR transforms a basic rave track into much much more. dark rave following the no future aestethics by his closest mates CRISTIAN VOGEL or DAVE TARRIDA.
flip side IT´S KICKING appears as DJ FLUSH EDIT for your beloved dancefloor. MIKE FUZZ at his best: irresistible patterns that lead into a great peak-beat. vocalist SUZY LOVE prooves what is important in this world... that it´s kicking!

all in all MUSICK22 showcases nowadays MUST HAVE for the left behind, a record for everyone.

MIKE FUZZ is a well known studio bass/guitar player and appeared on productions by a. o. PET SHOP BOYS or HONG KONG SYNDIKAT.
he also founded a NIGHT OF THE BRAIN together with CRISTIAN VOGEL (station 55) and produced a lot of stuff so far. Last but not least he was co-producer with DAVE TARRIDA for AUGEN BLAU EP (musick20).

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