Telefon Tel Aviv / Remixes Compiled


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01_Even Deeper

02_All Around

03_Got Me Lost / Driving In L.A.


05_BBQ Plate

06_The Green Green Grass

07_A Genuine Display

08_Stolen Moments

09_Time Is Running Out

10_Fading Away

11_Asleep On the Wing

12_Knock Me Down Girl

Telefon Tel Aviv / Remixes Compiled

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01. NINE INCH NAILS - Even Deeper (TTA Remix -previously unreleased)
02. BEBEL GILBERTO - All Around (TTA Remix)
03.JOHN HUGHES - Got Me Lost/Driving In L.A. (TTA Remix)
04. APPARAT - Komponent (TTA Remix)
05. AMMON CONTACT - BBQ Plate (“Last Supper Mix” by TTA)
06. AMERICAN ANALOG SET - The Green Green Grass (TTA Remix -previously unreleased)
07. MIDWEST PRODUCT - A Genuine Display (TTA Remix)
08. OLIVER NELSON - Stolen Moments (TTA Remix)
09. PHIL RANELIN - Time Is Running Out (TTA Remix)
10. NITRADA - Fading Away (TTA Remix)
11. MARC HELLNER - Asleep On The Wing (TTA Remix)
12. SLICKER - Knock Me Down Girl (TTA Remix)

JOSHUA EUSTIS and CHARLIE COOPER, the duo that make up TELEFON TEL AVIV, have collected an album of remixes culled from the first seven years of their career. When the levee broke and their hometown of New Orleans was virtually washed away by Hurricane Katrina, TELEFON TEL AVIV was forced to take inventory of their lives and careers. By compiling their remix output onto one disc, they offer a 50-minute, re-education of TELEFON TEL AVIV and simultaneously highlight the sweeping beauty and schizophrenic nature of their music. The end result is a collection of tracks that are disparate as TRENT REZNOR and PHIL RANELIN, but thick as alligator jambalaya in the swamps of Louisiana. The new album – Remixes Compiled – follows EUSTIS and COOPER chronologically through their labyrinth of production work; beginning with the previously unreleased NINE INCH NAILS remix from February of 2000. Having been the only song from their early output recorded at REZNOR’s Nothing Studios (and consequently the only one not recorded in EUSTIS’s parents’ house), it was actually the first song they did under the name TELEFON TEL AVIV. These early songs have a science-fiction sound, filled to the brim with digital trickery and sound design. The later pieces are more patient and spread themselves out over profound soundscapes, preserving sometimes only the chord progressions from the original tracks. EUSTIS and COOPER have no formula for remixing and approach each track independently. The JOHN HUGHES remix is loud and blown out, constructed with sixty tracks of guitars. The remix of OLIVER NELSON is built on a string arrangement with the LOYOLA UNIVERSITY CHAMBER ORCHESTRA, while the BEBEL GILBERTO remix slowly allows itself to go out of tune. There is also a great remix of AMMONCONTACT, which finds TELEFON TEL AVIV teaming up for a collaborative remix with JOHN HERNDON (TORTOISE, ISOTOPE 217, etc) and LINDSAY ANDERSON (L’ALTRA). Every track brings someone and something new to the dinner table – with fans of APPARAT rubbing elbows with followers of BEBEL GILBERTO. NINE INCH NAILS fans can get a spoonful of SLICKER, and jazz enthusiasts hear trombonist PHIL RANELIN in a new light. These are slow-cooked diagrams of everything the storms left behind and all that we will need until the release of the very next TELEFON TEL AVIV masterpiece. 

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