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01_We Back

02_Bigger the Better

03_Midi Mighty Moe

04_Break a Bottle

05_Skit: Station ID


07_Do the Swamp

08_Martian Juice


10_Skit: Telephone Audition



13_Feel Bad?

14_Skit: Save the Chewchilla Monkeys

15_Pretending Early Morning

Puppetmastaz / Creature Shock Radio

Louisville - Louisville14

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PUPPETMASTAZ! Canadian? German? More like: KERMIT THE FROG meets urban birds in Berlin! PUPPETMASTAZ - you must of heard of them! The only puppets that can keep up with the real thing: RAP in 2005! The year these super heros come alive with their new album, new label - the tables have turned to Louisville. "Creature Shock Radio" - the long awaited follow up to "Creature Funk" - released on the mother mary´s Labels, back in 2003. “We toured so much in these past few years”, quotes MR. MALOKE, self-named Leader of the PUPPETMASTAZ, “and we can´t go everywhere at the same time. That´s why we captured this Radio Station and now we´re transmitting the Puppet Word around the globe.” “Yeah, we´re marking our territory”, says PANIC THE PIG, pissing at the next corner. “We not only put our smell in your city when we´re there. We also make your Radio smell funny at any time.” “It´s the next step", adds FROGGA, the nate frog of the Crew, "we back!”Back from where? Back from the road that the PUPPETMASTAZ took to perform in front of hundreds of thousands of humans in the past years. Back from the adventure of making a new record that journeys straight out of the puppet universe ("The Golden Center" as the MASTAZ call it) to meet our very own ears and eyes in the loudest puppet vandango since THE FEEBLES and MUPPETS combined. And this is what we have here: We back: This classy little cut re-introduces the pm crew after 3 years of touring, rapping, re-arranging and hanging around the swamps of a puppetband's mindframe, with original rap inertia. In other words: the world couldn´t bring us down the first time round, so why back down now? Bigger The Better: It´s an old saying and in many a way a profound truth. Why kill ten frogs, (just for their legs to end up in an appetiser) when you can feed a whole family on a single cow for a month? But! The state of hip hop these days calls on PM`s to intervene divinely.  I mean, money isn´t everything is it?  And we're not from the U.S.-- you think the blinger the better? Midi Mighty Moe: What would PUPPETMASTAZ be without the clouded mysticism that they have so carelessly, yet lovingly, preserved? The hook poses the ever-present question of "what's the mission". Well? What is it? And who knows what this little banger really is about! Break A Bottle: Hanging in the swamp on a daily basis is like being on the verge of mental collapse cross-blended with the joy of spawning, creating and whatever else figgas like us do inside the studios of creature shock radio. But when females can't help us jump over our little shadows in a world of giant humanoids there's only one thing left to do. Jukebox: It happens rarely, however, sometimes even puppets try to be human and reach up to that jukebox, throw a coin in that slit and pick a tune to spend a night romancing. A human female's thighs start at about double a puppet's height, still Turbid the Toad and The Wizard can´t lay off this high-heeled mistress. Humanoid radio FM!!! Martian Juice: Let's face it: puppets are a lot closer to aliens than humans, plus yoda's part of the crew ever since the whole "Georgie boy" thing went down. Guess martian juice is a lot better than pepsi cos even snuggles certifies this liquid jam as "extra hot". Do The Swamp: Ah! A classic Prosetti-beat: raunchy, melancholy and cool in one, this is how we like our tracks in the B.O.G! A hommage to where we come from, where it all started featuring the original pioneers: FROGGA, MR. MALOKE, SNUGGLES and the HIPHOPNOTIST. A rarity! Puppetmad: Am I mad or am I not mad? That's a question a puppet asks itself on a daily basis, just to practise for the in between state that makes our music so enjoyable. This is vintage puppet propaganda with a hook that can easily compete with the entire population of fraggle rock! Spitwalk: Spit, walk, dance, chew gum or drop rhymes: that's what Wizard thinks it's all about. A perfect example of what PMz really bring when they focus and spit their souls out! A classic jam with no intention but blastering the Loonieverse! Why? Cos that´s how we get down! Feel Bad?: Another classic Prosseti-beat, Ducci this time. This track illustrates what every creature knows all too well. So be cool coz you know everybody feels bad sometimes. Mind you, this track really takes off at, like, 2minutes 45sec., so give your troubled mind a rest and feel good about feelbad as opposed to feeling bad about feelgood! Love is a strange doctor. J.R. Blenda: Back to the cloudy mystic in us--the bright side as opposed to Midi Mighty. The two is the one; you can't have Meedie Mighty without J.R.! Mr. Blenda´s a figure loaded with emeralds, more shiny than the biggest bombay sapphire and Prince Charles´ crown jewels combined, judging from the amount of times the word emerald falls in this forest of thought. Pretending Early Morning: You know what it's like being at a party at 10 pm and PMz do to. The hipsters aren´t here till 1 or so, so what's there to do but smoke and drink? Well? Pretend it's early morning is the answer, which Turbid and Ducci do well with a whole bunch of lady frogs one might presume. Try it, it's worth a go! Mastaplan: Ghost track, original album title and garage-esque disco cracker. This tune's split in half when Soom T steps up to drop some real human wisdom in amongst the Mastaz doing more of a P-funk than an F-punk for a change. Supervised by George Clinton and Jim Henson themselves! This is what Creature Shock Radio is about.  The very epicentre of the quake that shook the world's underground scene with tracks like "Pet sound", "Zoology" and "Humans Get All The Credit" is back on the seismograph and ready to broadcast. The question is: do humans really get all the credit? People rarely mingle with puppets and they´re merely permitted to accompany this fragment of radical frogs, dogs, rabbits and what have you as a fistful of "helping hands". To blast right past the human universe of vanity, shame and always blaming the monkeys - that´s part of the essence in PUPPETMASTAZ. You can imagine how many humans that leaves to choose from. There has, however, been some monkey-esque involvement in the bizzness of PUPPETMASTAZ: "They simply begged us to let them lend us a hand" says MR. MALOKE. "And when a human begs to help a puppet, well, you at least consider it", adds Frogga. Snuggles the bunny, Wizard the Lizard (actually a frog), Panic the Pig and the rest of PUPPETMASTAZ soon had a helping handful of Berlin´s finest at their disposal. Though merely hired as roadies at first, they are said to have had more than a hand in the beats, rhymes and presence of their commanders. Names such as PAUL PM, PATRIC C, AD HAWK, BOMB 20, NITRO, MAX TURNER, GONZO (not the puppet), MOCKY and BLAKE WORRELL have since always been closely related to this project. Or rather object! Objective? Objective being to spread that shared puppet perspective. The 2 is the 1, the human a frog, the sun the moon and so on and so one Get it? So, who´s the puppet now? You or them? Listen out for a show near your home base when they come to "mark the territory" with giant radio waves of creature activity in 2005.  Creature shock! Come on!!!

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