Khan / Who Never Rests Remixed Vol. 1


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01_On the Run - Kaos & Me Mix

02_You Like to Party? - Dirk Leyers Mix

03_Favor After Favor - Zero Cash Mix

Khan / Who Never Rests Remixed Vol. 1

I'm Single - ims001

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"I'm Single" debut 12" is comprised of exclusive remixes out of Khan's last
studio album "Who Never Rests" (tomlab). DJ Kaos (K7, Kitsune, Rong) famous
for remixing !!! or Roxy Music has produced a german "kraut-trance" pop
version of "On The Run". Fabian Stall also known as Zero Cash (Television
Rocks, Aggro Colgne) is represented with a flaming down-beat ballad of "Favor
After Favor". Or the techno snob Dirk Leyers (Kompakt, Closer Musik) with a
cryptic dark dance club track from "You Like To Party?".
Can "Khan" Oral, the international all-genre performer and "man who never
rests" visionaire launches his new project "I'm Single" a 12 inch record label
as a new platform for him and his world wide network of musicians and friends.
Khan, renowned for his standing between the worlds of; electronic and classic
song writing, glamour and deconstruction, ecstasy and quality plans with "I'm
Single" to support his artistic vision with originality and creativity that will
continue his goal of tearing down the walls of mono-culture and single style
approach standardization in the world of music.
The path of "I'm Single" is not a trend or artistic turn that Khan has just
picked up on. His roots in the first Techno-generation on labels like Force
Inc./Mille Plateux, Djungle Fever, Sructure, Harvest EMI, Matador
Record, Smile Communications or Cologne LIQUID SKY/KOMPAKT confirm his
artist credablitly in creating cult classics.
In the early 90's Khan moved with Jimi Tenor to New York, creating multiple
12" and projects i.e Bizz O.D., El Turco Loco, 4E, Kid & Khan, Khan &
Walker or Global Electronic Network. Various album projects with Jon
Spencer, Julee Cruise, Brigitte Fontaine or the Opera diva performance
artist Diamanda Galas naming just a few of the various directions and
influences that have shaped the man "who never rest".

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