V.A. / Theken EP


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01_Lala 23%

02_Just the Two of US


04_Kleine Steine

V.A. / Theken EP

Eintakt - Eintakt23

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The “Theken Ep” was established at the “Bar 23”, a legendary Meeting Point for Berlin Musicians. The “Laan Unlimited” Projekt was built up exclusively for this new Eintakt EP. Andreas Krüger from “Der Dritte Raum” and Lars Fenin (we know from Shitkatapult) shows us a mix of spacy Atmosphäres and funky to jazzy Basslines.

Just the two of us”, a dark version of Berlins Minimalistic Sound Architecture, a Mix from the funny Projekt of this three Berlin Musicians, Philip Bader, Pilocka Krach & Sam nn. Neal White & Meto ´s “Bobsie” is an absolutely Meantime Clubtrack, Minimal and Massive. “Kleine Steine” is the more chilling and housy part of this Eintakt Compilation, perfect for the Morning Hours, flowing , melodic, old shool… created by Argon and Plastique.

Just listen and feel good

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