Roman / So Ghost? - Remixes


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01_True Love Owes Us Shit - Lo Soul Remix

02_Skiver – Pascal Schäfer's Movematic Mix

03_Unbroken Smile – Tonetraeger Remix

Roman / So Ghost? - Remixes

Kalkpets - Kalkpets02

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here it comes. the second release on kalk pets. this time with remixes from lo soul, pascal schäfer and tonetraeger. they are mixing various tracks from roman‘s forthcoming album "so ghost?" which will be released on karaoke kalk 14th november 2005.

lo soul is famous as a musican, remix artist and dj associate of the frankfurt based playhouse label. he‘s giving us his very own interpretation of the track „true love owes us shit“.

pascal schäfer is well known from his releases on karaoke kalk and kalk pets. in his charming manner he gives ample evidence how a straight bassdrum‘s stirring in an atypical surrounding. that‘s for the remix of roman‘s track „skiver“.

tonetraeger are torsten mauss and volker bertelmann. they‘re presenting their interpretation of „unbroken smile“. they point up the vocals and turn the original track into a deep and floating mix.

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