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Shrubbn!! / Rumpelritter

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SHRUBBN!! is back!!
musick (shitkatapult´s clubload label) presents RUMPELRITTER - an epic tekkkno 12" by schieres and t.raumschmiere aka SHRUBBN!! this record contains four basic techno tracks with a zero tolerance policy against all odds. Opener BASSTOELPEL presents a straight 4 to the floor beat with a great hook-melody line. KUCHENBLECH and THEMA 2.0 follow this idea combining rave and rough and musick. last track on this ep is the giant ambient piece EBENHOLZ that has been made of pure sound progression and not easy logic plug ins. after all RUMPELRITTER remarks a great follow up of the first musick 12" by SHRUBBN!! who are able to merge the "good old" t.raumschmiere techno punk vibe with a crystal clear techno beat. please also look out for the amazing SHRUBBN!! remixes of APPARAT (on shitkatapult´s upcoming strike 89 -apparat remixes double CD) and depeche mode singer DAVE GAHAN (on mute). feel the taste of musick – with SHRUBBN!!
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