The Crack Whore Society / s/t


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01_Caught By The Light


03_Sickness Kills The Blues

04_The Grindking


06_High On The Heels Of Love

07_No Pleasure



10_My Friend

11_Same Old Song

12_Ain't No Track

13_Heroin Youth

14_Sweet Gasoline

The Crack Whore Society / s/t

Angora Steel - ANGST008

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Drinks and drugs, noise, sickness… welcome to The Crack Whore Society! Descending from the Punk and Hardcore scene of the early 90s the mission of this Berlin based band can now clearly be defined as ADDICTIVE ROCK MUSIC! The guys around Frontsau Patrick Schauer have finished the recording sessions of their self-titled debut album which was released on Angora Steel in late Summer 2007.

The outcome are 14 songs in only 35 minutes - fast, hard, on point! The raw production was done by T.Raumschmiere (Shitkatapult/Mute) who left his monstertruck in the parking lot to get into the driver's seat behind the Crack Whore boards. The final touch was contributed by Christian Vogel (another former techno legend and part of Super Collider alongside Jamie Lidell) who is responsible for the mastering of the sound.

The band itself consists of Patrick Schauer (vocals), Mario Bender (guitar), Kai Mohr (guitar) and Marco Haas (drums). For live performances they get support from the experienced master of low frequencys Andreas Paruschke (member of the T.Raumschmiere Band). Sticking together they spit out such an extreme tight wall of sound making ferroconcrete look like candyfloss. SICK AS FUCK, TWICE AS HARD! This should make fans The Bronx, Smokeblow or Beatsteaks feel comfortable…

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