T.Raumschmiere / Anti


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01_Random Noize Musick




05_Dual Kanal

06_Erloesung durch Strom

08_Leichtes Kratzen



11_Die Nichtigkeit des Seins

T.Raumschmiere / Anti

Hefty - HEFTY039

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Anti marks the US debut of the prolific German artist, MARCO HAAS (T.Raumschmiere). Based in Berlin, Marco has released music on Cologne's well-respected KOMPAKT label, as well as SENDER and his own critically acclaimed label, SHITKATAPULT, which he co-founded. With early roots in punk-rock and industrial music, it should be no surprise that Marco's tracks come rough, rugged and subversive! JOHN HUGHES (aka SLICKER), found common ground with HAAS because of their dual responsibilities as artists and label owners. The evolution of HAAS' sound eventually found common ground with HEFTY and his contribution with Anti has added a new beat-making branch to the label.

 Marco is already a well established artist in Europe and has recently begun to make a break-through with U.S. listeners, mostly due to import EPs like "Bolzplatz" and "Musick", two rockin' shuffle-techno EPs that saw much turntable life in American clubs. The name T.RAUMSCHMIERE derives from the German language short story, "Die Tramschmiere" by William S. Burroughs.

 Marco is constantly touring throughout Europe and his live PA performances are always met with frenzied praise. Definitely not to be missed. Marco will be touring the US and Europe during the fall season in support of Anti.

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