T.Raumschmiere / Rabaukendisko


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T.Raumschmiere / Rabaukendisko

Novamute - NOMU128

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Other T.Raumschmiere projects: SHRUBBN!! and The Crack Whore Society


 Self-styled punk-rockin' Anti-hero, T.Raumschmiere (Marco Haas) followed up June 2003's immensely popular Monstertruckdriver single with Rabaukendisko. His bold debut for novamute laid down the anarchic manifesto, which is further strengthened with his bold Radio Blackout album, released September 22nd 2003. The template is set, but perhaps more so in attitude than mere sonics, for his long-player exposes a versatility that sees him equally talented crafting hip-hop structures as delicate ambience, electro or house. However, it's perhaps unfair to dwell on genre tags with his music, as Raumschmiere is perhaps happiest melding musical forms into a style all his own - bound by an overtly punk aesthetic, which brings us nicely to his new single, Rabaukendisko (translated literally as Hooligan Disco!).Aside from his escapades as an electronic music producer, Marco has a nice sideline as a drummer in punk metal band, Crack Whore Society. Such activities certainly help one appreciate the rugged, brash approach he takes to his solo work. It's something which makes him stand out in a field which often deals primarily with clinical precision - instead, Marco revels in the grimier aspects of his music. Anyone lucky enough to have witnessed a T. Raumschmiere live show will be in no doubt where he's coming from, and the video for Rabaukendisko makes this all the more apparent.

Of all the tracks on Radio Blackout, Rabaukendisko is the most immediately rocked-out. It's a wailing banshee of a track which screeches out of the speakers, the thrashed break-beat and analogue gnarz taking no prisoners. For the single release, it is present in two different versions... two bolts of punk energy. The original is perhaps the most abrasive, whereas Rabaukendisko 2 deconstructs the squall somewhat, giving more breathing room for the distorted bass frequencies, but still regaining the demonic charge.

 The Monstertruckdriver single was blessed by the inclusion of a Dabrye remix, and this second single has a pair of equally inspired reworkings from The Bug AKA Kevin Martin. It's a fitting pairing. The Bug has gained massive praise with his energetic hybrid of electro and dancehall, and this open-minded, street-styled approach highlights a likeminded attitude to that of Raumschmiere - dabbling in different styles, but both displaying a preference for low-down, hyper-charged genre-melding.

These two parallel worlds collide on The Bug's Dancehell Remix, first in a vocal version which features the rapid-fire ragga vocals of Ras Bogle, and then in an alternate, instrumental interpretation. In the first instance, Bogle's lyrics perfectly complement the world's-end toughness of the distorted dancehall stomp, creating an aggressively intense and decidedly darkside sonic experience. Then, the instrumental allows the listener to witness the production talents of The Bug without the full vocal, as he re-edits the apocalyptic backing track to inspire neck-breaking physical response!

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