T.Raumschmiere / A Million Brothers (blah blah blah)


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T.Raumschmiere / A Million Brothers (blah blah blah)

Novamute - NOMU134

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 A Million Brothers (Blahblahblah) is a slice of politicised vocal glitch-hop, which tackles the current state of the globe with its pull-no-punches lyrics, courtesy of MC Soom T. Governmental greed and media manipulation all fall under the spotlight on this timely track. As such, it represents Marco taking a momentary break from his "stay Anti" stance to tackle broader issues. Musically, it is one of the more downtempo moments from his album, but still maintains a precisely programmed analogue crunch.Alongside the title track sits two versions of the more overtly Techno flavoured Querstromzerspaner, which is probably about as 'straight-up' a dance track as Marco can make (whilst still being pretty off the wall!). It is present (CD only) as a short but sweet edited version (clocking in at a radio friendly 2mins 49secs) and also (on the vinyl) as a reworking courtesy of LFO man Mark Bell. This remix sees Mark pitting retro styles against pure new school elements. The guy's proven himself a master of the bleep and the bass over the years, and he uses both to brutal effect here, ditching the more electro angle we've seen from him recently in favour of some four on the floor filth.
 You may recall a pair of truly vicious remixes that The Bug supplied on the last T.Raumschmiere single (Rabaukendisko). These proved so popular that Kevin Martin was drafted in once more, this time alongside Justin Broadrick in their joint Sub Species guise. The reworking really strips back the instrumental track, with some stunted beats and seriously darkside bass that would have Ed Rush hiding behind the sofa! The vinyl version also contains an additional dub version of the track, which dispenses with the vocal completely.

Completing this rather impressive remix package is a version of A Million Brothers (Blahblahblah) by Pole aka Stefan Betke. The man from Berlin was until recently primarily known for his fractured dubscapes on his own ~Scape imprint, but his last album for Mute highlighted an altogether more hip-hop direction (complete with vocal collaborations). Fitting then, that he gets to grips with MC Soom T's original vox, casting them against his own blend of organic sampling and classic Berlin dub.

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