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03_Monstertruckdriver Dabrye's Big Truck Remix

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T.Raumschmiere / Monstertruckdriver

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'Monstertruckdriver' is the title of T.Raumschmiere's speed ticket to international dance re-fuelling stations. He steers this huge menacing vehicle of a tune with an agility and snotty-nosed impertinence that gets under your fingernails like city grime. T.Raumschmiere cuts a dash as a full-body tattooed, oil stained techno-punk - skilfully welding together 4/4 cylinders to power his 'trademark bass-lines' (De: Bug). On the Monstertruck's hood shines a massive chrome middle finger. Get the picture?
 'Monstertruckdriver' belches compressed groans through the after-burner of his rotten vehicle whilst spewing heavy oil clouds that stink of parched forests. T.Raumschmiere's special fuel dictates the speed: mega-bass that hits from below. The slacker's slacker is at the wheel, and one glance at his speedometer tells us the tempo is rocking. Heavy metal guitar riffs usher in the techno-horn of the highway patrols trailing behind in the rear-view mirror. They cannot overtake : T.Raumschmiere hogs the middle lane.Alexander Solman, Marcus Bauer, Volker Heisterberg & Kim Matthias have produced a stunning animated video for the track. The plot: Herr Raumschmiere negotiates various obstacles to save an open-air techno rave from closure by delivering a monster P.A. system. Supposedly, the video has already been nominated for a Grammy due to its unabashed portrayal of the current climate in the American 'rave' scene. With the proposed ban on outdoor 'raves' in the US, the subject matter is sensitive.

 Dabrye's remix boots Monstertruckdriver into crosstown traffic via a dark compressor tunnel linking Berlin to Detroit. Dabrye tags the hip-hop elements of the track with his typical acid sub-bass-synth-hooks. Props to Raumschmiere for the selection of this mighty talented producer from the US (who has also released tracks on Ghostly International and Scott Herren's Eastern Developments).

 T.Raumschmiere and Miss Kittin break out the sound cannon from their armoury in best Suicide fashion for 'The Game is Not Over'. Electroclash has long been overdue the firing squad - this bullet, with the engraving 'Electropunk' may finally finish it off. 'Faster, Monster Truck Driver, the game is not over' spouts Miss Kittin over the megaphone on top of the swaggering 'Bratzbass' underlying the track. With this mix, we are on 'Highway Rock'n Roll Disaster' a road where Hell's Angels sport tyre track marks on their Lederhosen. Potentially a huge club and radio hit. Attention clubland: the mob is descending to axe some dance-floor wood.

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